The importance of chemistry in everyday life

The importance of chemistry in everyday life

Chemistry is a fascinating science that plays a vital role in our daily lives, often without us being aware of it.

It is present in everyday products such as clothing, food or cosmetics and at the same time in technological innovation, in the creation of new materials, in the manufacture of more efficient and sustainable products and in industrial processes with the aim of being a more modern, effective and efficient industry.

In this article, we will be exploring where is chemistry at IES Soler?

We will focus on how our company is involved in developing innovative solutions for industrial processes that meet the changing needs of society and market demands.

How it all began

The history of chemistry, as a science present in the development of everyday life, goes back thousands of years. In ancient times, the Egyptians and Greeks were already performing experiments related to science, such as distillation and the separation of substances.

The term “chemistry” comes from the word “alchemy”, an ancient proto-scientific practice and philosophical discipline that combines various elements such as chemistry, metallurgy, astrology or art. Alchemy played an important role in the historical development of chemistry, but throughout the Middle Ages, the two disciplines began to be understood separately. Early chemists studied the composition of matter and successfully made great discoveries, such as the law of conservation of mass and the law of definite proportions. In the 18th century, chemistry already became a modern science with the creation of the periodic table of the elements by Dmitri Mendeleev.

Chemistry and medicine

Chemistry has also revolutionized the field of medicine. Modern medicines, such as painkillers, antibiotics or cancer treatments, are based on chemical compounds developed through scientific research. These pharmaceutical advances are saving and improving the quality of life for millions of people on a global scale. In addition, chemistry is also instrumental in the development of diagnostic techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging and laboratory tests, which help medical professionals to identify diseases and provide effective treatment.
In this sector, it is important to highlight the products for implementation in all types of machinery for pharmaceutical processes, where the increase or maintenance of temperature is demanding, the Heat division stands out for its electric immersion or air heaters.
And as part of the Safety division, IES distributes nationwide acoustic and/or luminous signaling systems that play a crucial role in the so-called clean rooms where safety and control in such environments is highly strict.

Industrial application

Chemistry plays a key role in the search for sustainable energy solutions. The development of efficient batteries for electric vehicles, the production of solar panels and the design of energy storage systems are just a few examples of how chemistry is driving the transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources. You can recover the article we published last October where we talked about the advantages of electrical energy from renewable sources vs. fossil fuels.

In industry, it is also used to optimize industrial processes, reducing the carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact, among other aspects. In this industrial process is where IES Heat division can contribute its experience in the manufacture of industrial electrical equipment for the heating of fluids, liquids or gases. Equipment designed under projects with demanding customer specifications, as the market demands more and more efficient service.

Thanks to this evolution, IES can operate in a wide range of sectors. Our experience acquired during more than 15 years in the engineering sector guarantees that our products are quality equipment. Within the chemical sector, solutions designed for water treatment, desalination and wastewater, and in equipment for the paper, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, oil & gas, mining or textile industries.

The challenges of chemistry on a global scale

Chemist Alec Groysman, an Israeli doctor in physical chemistry and an expert in corrosion materials, claims that it is thanks to chemistry and chemical engineering that life expectancy doubled in the 20th century.

Dr Groysman explains that the Israeli experience can be extrapolated to the rest of the world.
And for this he gives the example of drought, he says that the problem of lack of pure water can be solved by developing desalination technology based on reverse osmosis of seawater, as has already been done in his country.

Globally, we find that many of the companies in the chemical industry operate with natural gas and not fuel oil or diesel, this situation offers many advantages such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of electricity costs. The work of chemical engineers has been indispensable in reaching this point, as they play a leading role in the development of its operation.

In addition, chemistry also faces challenges in modern society. Proper management of chemical waste and safety are crucial aspects to be addressed. It is essential to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability in the chemical industry to minimize negative impacts on the environment. In addition, greater awareness of the risks associated with chemicals and the need for effective regulation is required to ensure the protection of human health and the environment.

In conclusion

It is clear then that chemistry plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, and its impact on modern industry is undeniable. From the products we use in our homes to the technological advances that surround us, chemistry drives innovation and improves our quality of life. IES Soler stands out as a leader in developing innovative and sustainable solutions, the entire IES team is contributing to the advancement and creation of a brighter future.

Due to the historical trajectory of chemistry and all the past and present experts who have contributed to this scientific discipline, today we can offer quality solutions. IES Soler offers innovative, efficient and sustainable products thanks to scientific evolution and technology.